• Bamboo and rattan handicraft weaving
  • Brocade weaving – traditional handicraft
  • Co Tu folk song “ Ly” Saying-Singing performance
  • CoTu‘s food demonstration
  • Traditional Lunch/Dinner
  • Tung Tung Da Da performance with Gong music

Cotu Experience

Steep yourself in Co Tu culture of the local, explore your real potential and enrich your lifestye with our unique tour activities. Traditional handicraft, Gong show, local cuisine are featured values which will bring you the rich of traditional and travel-worthy experience at our village. 

Brocade weaving – traditional handicraft

Brocade weaving is the traditional craft attached with lives of Co Tu people. With the skillful hand of Cotu women, they have changed the homemade materials into products such as blankets, loincloths, skirts, and more ..

Bamboo and rattan handicraft weaving

Bamboo and rattan weaving is the main traditional handicraft of the Co Tu people. For generations, after each planting had been completed, Co Tu men walked deep into the forest to gather rattan and bamboo material.

Tung Tung Da Da performance with Gong music

"Tung Tung Da Da" dance, also known as "Dedicational Dance for God" is closely associated with the major festivals in the life of the Co Tu people. They dance it as a way to connect the real world with the universe, ancestors, grandparents and gods.

Co Tu folk song “ Ly” Saying-Singing performance

In the treasure of literature and art of the Co Tu tribe, the “Ly” saying-singing is one of the living cultural treasures which require preservation. This kind of art has no common pattern to learn, but is a form of improvisation.

CoTu‘s food demonstration

Co Tu tribe is famous for many traditional culinary specialties. One of them is “Com Lam” (rice cooked in bamboo tubes) served with grilled pork. This dish is cooked for festivals or daily meals.

Traditional Lunch/Dinner

Food is one of the most remembered parts of any holiday experience and Bho Hoong offers some of the tastiest food in Vietnam. The menu has been carefully designed to tickle every taste bud and comfortably fill every stomach, ...

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