• Trekking to “Arec” waterfall
  • Bamboo rafting experience
  • Cycling to neighbor villages
  • Village walking
  • Hiking to “Youi” Hot Spring


The area around Bhohoong Bungalows is rich with opportunities for village walking, trekking or hiking and mountain biking. There are many interesting activities with length range from an hour to 3 hours to experience. Guests will have chance to explore the diverse beauty of the natural surroundings, enjoy the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere of the mountains, the stream, the Co Tu’s villages and their life.

Village walking (1 hour)

You will stand witness to true rural ethnic minority life. Watch as the Co Tu people engage in traditional farming, interact with each other and go about their lives.

Hiking to “Youi” Hot Spring (2,5 hours)

“Youi” Hot Spring is 2.5km from the bungalows. The water found in the natural hot springs contains a variety of different minerals.

Trekking to “Arec” waterfall (3 hours)

With a 3-hour guided trek, you can venture into the mountain jungle. Observing the many varied flora and fauna, pass remote Co Tu huts and farms.

Cycling to neighbor villages (1 hour)

It is very peaceful to ride to the neighboring villages and witness local life. You can stop to take photos of the stunning mountainous scenes ...

Bamboo rafting experience

Immerse yourself in the nature by cruising down on traditional bamboo rafts and watch local farming life on both sides. ...

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