The Project

The idea for the Bho Hoong Village Project came to be when a deep friendship between Yi Kong, the former king of the Co Tu ethnic minority people and now a simple wood carver and three adventurous spirits, Mark Wyndham, Pham Vu Dung and Vu The Vinh was formed. They were discussing ways to help the local people gain new skills and sorely needed income and this provided the kernel for what has become the benchmark for collaborative responsible travel and sustainable tourism in the Quang Nam province.

The remote Bho Hoong village was amongst the poorest in the Co Tu lands but is blessed with one of the most stunning locations, alongside the beautiful Kon River. Many years of discussions and planning with village elders followed and what was once a simple idea became a reality.

A number of traditional wood and rattan bungalows have been upgraded to provide creature comforts Western travelers desire without losing any of their original charm and grace. Local people have been provided training in hospitality and as tour guides. Villagers, traditional farmers and craftsmen have been enlisted to supply fresh produce and to showcase Co Tu culture with their unique moonlit gong and dance performances, artisanal skills and guidance.

Curious souls looking for a sustainable tourism option can now travel to Bho Hoong and stay in the modern bungalows and gain a unique insight into lives of the local ethnic minority people. Great respect has been shown to the Co Tu people and they welcome guests into their village with a warmth that must be experienced to be believed.

Co Tu & Bho Hoong Facts

Yi Kong, the former king of the Co Tu spent 25 years in the jungle fighting against Japanese, French and American invaders.”

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