Tucked away in the Truong Son Mountains, Bho Hoong is a peaceful riverside ethnic minority village seemingly untouched by time and unspoiled by modern life. Although Bho Hoong feels far, far removed from the hustle and bustle of Vietnam’s cities, it is just a short distance from Hue and Hoi An, two of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The international airport of Da Nang lays just 80 kilometers away making this shining example of sustainable tourism accessible to everyone.

The surrounding mountains have recovered from heavy bombing during the American war and now large tracts of rainforest remain virtually untouched by modern development. The only evidence of the human hands lays in the traditional mountain agriculture of the Co Tu people whose techniques have been passed down through the centuries.

This secluded ethnic minority village blends in with the landscape and is easily missed by those traveling along the main road. Access to the village is by a single suspension bridge that at first glance seems quite rickety but is in fact of very rugged construction. Visitors arrive at Bho Hoong exclusively via motorbike, jeep and minivan tours. These tours are an adventure in themselves and give intrepid travelers a great take on life and the natural beauty of this region.

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Only recently an American War era North Vietnamese army base was rediscovered just a short walk from Bho Hoong.”


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