Handicraft Tour

Those with a passion for traditional handicrafts in Vietnam should not miss the opportunity to take an excursion in to surrounding villages. Our guide will introduce you groups of women and men whose skill at brocade and rattan weaving is without equal. Watch as these true artisans practice crafts with techniques their people perfected centuries ago. The materials themselves are all harvested locally from sustainable sources, dyed using age old methods and then transformed into striking artifacts and utilitarian products. After you have witnessed the Co Tu people work their art you will be invited to weave your own keepsakes. The local artisans, with great enthusiasm, will gladly (and patiently!) instruct you in brocade or rattan weaving and you will leave with a rare insight into ethnic minority culture and hopefully a few new skills to boot!

Co Tu & Bho Hoong Facts

The loincloth of the Co Tu men can reach up to eight meters longs and take up to two months of consistent labor for a woman to weave it.”

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