Getting there

The Bho Hoong Village Project has deliberately limited the number of ways travelers can journey to the village. This has been done explicitly to minimise impact on the surrounding environment by limiting numbers and to help nurture and preserve the Co Tu peoples’ way of life. Our belief is that traveling in Vietnam should be every bit as important as the destination and our tour options have been designed in such a way as to best showcase this very special part of Central Vietnam.

The transportation options range from classic Russian Minsk motorcycles, scooters and dirt bikes for the truly adventurous to fully restored US Jeeps, to mountain bikes or the luxury of comfortable, air-conditioned minivans.

All groups are fully escorted by experienced guides equipped with exceptional knowledge of the region and the best, most exciting and scenic routes to Bho Hoong. Along the way you will stop at historically significant American war and ancient cultural sites, tea plantations and you will even have the honour to lunch with a former king of the Co Tu people in his home.

Find the perfect transport option for you by clicking the links below:
Ethnic Minority Hill Tribe Loop (2 days / 1 night from Hoi An to Hoi An)
Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure (2 days / 1 night from Hoi An to Hue or in reverse)
Tea plantations & Ethnic Villages (1 day from Hoi An to Hoi An)

Co Tu & Bho Hoong Facts

The first Co Tu are said to be the children of a mythical hunting dog and a woman who was the last human remaining after a great flood wiped everyone else out.”

rainforest in Vietnam
traveling in Vietnam
traveling in Vietnam