Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure

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  • view from the ho chi minh highway
  • Ho-Chi-Minh-Trail-Adventure2
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail near Laos border
  • Vietnamese person in a river
  • Jeep tour Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • ethnic minority kitchen Vietnam
  • Ethnic minority Bungalow Vietnam
  • Ho-Chi-Minh-Trail-Adventure8
  • Ho-Chi-Minh-Trail-Adventure9
  • comfortable beds at Bho Hoong
  • Co Tu person working in a river
  • Tour on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • motorbike tour on ho chi minh trail
  • ethnic minority child in Vietnam
  • Vietnamese army helping local people
  • waterfall in Vietnam
  • National park sign in Vietnam
  • suspension bridge in Vietnam
  • Road sign in Vietnam
  • Palace in Hue


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Experience the Ho Chi Minh trail with an overnight Jeep or Motorbike tour to Bho Hoong Bungalows. Explore the beautiful and historic Ho Chi Minh Trail, stay in a comfortable bungalow in an ethnic minority village in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Click here for more information on the Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure.

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