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Category: Tours
  • Hilltop 55
  • patriotic signs in vietnam
  • traditional farming in vietnam
  • driving on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • tea plantation in central vietnam
  • Co Tu people farming
  • Co Tu village in Vietnam
  • guests arrive at bho hoong
  • village kitchen in vietnam
  • comfortable hotel in Vietnam
  • Co Tu men blessing a house
  • traditional farming in Vietnam
  • drying chillis
  • playing in a mountain river
  • traditional raft in vietnam
  • ethnic minority performance
  • western children playing in Vietnam
  • Co Tu funeral
  • vietnam countryside
  • bycicle in vietnam


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See a different side of Vietnam with a real ethnic minority tour with Bho Hoong Bungalows. Departing from Hoi An, this ethnic minority tour will take you places few Western people have ever set foot. Stay in clean, comfortable, renovated stilted bungalows in an ethnic minority village.

Learn more about this unforgettable ethnic minority hill tribe loop.

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