Food & Drinks

After arriving at Bho Hoong and settling in to your comfortable bungalows you will experience true Co Tu hospitality. Guests gather for asome of the most original food in Vietnam with a feast in the village’s largest, most important and most highly decorated house, the Guol House. There you will dine together on a wide selection of locally produced foods from sticky rice steamed in bamboo to mouth-watering grilled meats served in numerous ways. Vegetarians need not despair as the array of home grown vegetable, locally produced bean curd and fruit dishes available are as tasty and skillfully prepared as any other.

Refreshing cold drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at all times. You will soon discover there is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting on your own private balcony sipping your drink of choice whilst the sometimes serene, sometimes raging Kon River flows past. Fresh, locally grown mountain tea is available free of charge in your room.

Cooked English breakfast included fried eggs, bread, fresh fruits and tea, coffee will be served at our restaurant.

Food is one of the most important and most remembered parts of any holiday experience and Bho Hoong offers some of the tastiest food in Vietnam. The menu at Bho Hoong Bungalows has been carefully designed to tickle every tastebud and to comfortably fill every stomach, regardless of dietary preferences or needs.

Co Tu & Bho Hoong Facts

The Co Tu fear and respect the most powerful forest spirit so much they don’t dare utter her real name lest they draw her attention. Instead they call her Comor Bar, which translates to ”second daughter” as a way to avoid notice.”

ethnic minority village feast in Vietnam 
traditional grilled meats 
locally grown bananas