Dancing Performance

After the sumptuous evening feast concludes the evening is set alight with the sights and sounds of a traditional ethnic minority dance performance. Prepare to be mesmerised as the drums start to beat, the gongs sound and the Co Tu begin their sinuous dance around the central bonfire.

Once the dance is in full swing, the local people take delight in inviting guests to take part. Join in with village warriors as they beat their drums, play their gongs and flash their swords in the Tung Tung dance. Or pay homage to the spirits of the forest and mountains as the women perform the graceful Ya Ya.

If you chose to you will be shown the carefully choreographed moves and your heart will soon beat in time with the sounds of this enchanting, ancient ritual under the stars.

Co Tu & Bho Hoong Facts

The Co Tu excel at bee keeping and a family can have up to 100 hives scattered through the surrounding forest.

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