Crossbow Shooting

The Co Tu people were one of the very last ethnic minority groups in South East Asia to interact with “modern” society. Only a handful of generations have been exposed to the outside and as such many of their traditional practices remain firmly entrenched in their psyche.

The Co Tu people have hunted using hand-made crossbows for centuries. Even today they still take pride in their skill with this primitive yet highly effective weapon and great honour is bestowed upon those who show themselves to be supreme marksmen. Bho Hoong village has been blessed with skilful hunters and two villagers recently won crossbow shooting gold medals in Vietnam’s ethnic minority games.

Guests are welcome to learn the skills and techniques of the Co Tu hunter and can choose to test their marksmanship with this weapon. Local men will instruct you on the crossbow’s use and then turn you loose in the specially set up target area.

Co Tu & Bho Hoong Facts

The Co Tu believe that when they see a rainbow, the souls, or mrieng, of people who have died bad deaths are washing themselves clean.”